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Resetting Your Inner Clock to Boost Mood, Energy and Alertness

Read Dr. Michael Terman’s new book for the general public, all about circadian rhythms, light therapy, wake therapy, and more!

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Daylight Simulator

Bright light therapy has been established as the international standard for treatment of winter depression, milder "winter doldrums," and other chronobiological, circadian rhythm sleep and mood disturbances.

Dawn Simulator

International research has shown that dawn simulation is capable of re-setting circadian body rhythms to help you wake up the way nature intended. Dawn simulation therapy is a spearheaded by Dr. Avery (University of Washington) and CET President Dr. Terman (Columbia University).

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Air Ionizer System

CET’s recommendation for enhancing ambient ion availability as an antidepressant measure.  Used briefly during the day with a unique conductive wrist strap, or in the bedroom during sleep. Doubles as a silent, powerful air purifier.

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Protective Eyewear

CET’s recommended fitover and non-fitover eyewear to block short-wavelength blue light. Enhances evening melatonin onset, circadian rhythm adjustment, and visibility in dim light.  Useful also for calming “hyper” mood states and minimizing aversive visual glare and drug photosensitization of the retina.

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Night Light

Designed for children and for people who routinely get out of bed at night, the bulb produces an amber-colored light (removing the blue that is responsible for melatonin suppression) to allow the person to easily go back to sleep.

Microdose Melatonin

After years of lab research, we are introducing a novel melatonin formulation designed to sync the inner clock with sleep. It is not a sleeping pill. Rather, it mimics the action of natural pineal gland melatonin in the evening, hours before pineal gland activation, for people whose inner clock needs adjustment. To receive announcement of microdose melatonin availability, send us your contact information.

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics is pleased to introduce you to the CET online store, designed to bring the professional community and consumer public a set of therapeutic devices that we have carefully evaluated for clinical efficacy, safety and user-friendliness. Our board of directors judges these devices to be the best available. We thank three innovative, idealistic commercial affiliates, Photonic Developments LLC, PiSquare Inc., and UpLift Technologies Inc., for making them available to our visitors, with proceeds dedicated to our education and research programs. Please do not directly ask the companies for medical opinions or  guidance about uses of their devices.   The companies' function is only to manufacture product and fulfill orders.  Refer instead to this  and to our site with professional resources and tools, or  consult  with your own doctor.

If you have questions, comments and/or concerns about your device, please indicate the date of your purchase in your email correspondence. Please note that CET is only able to provide customer assistance for devices purchased through the CET online store.