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Michael Terman, PhD Chronotherapy: Take control of your inner clock

Michael Terman received his doctoral degree in physiological psychology from Brown University. After years of basic science studies in circadian rhythms and light, he moved to Columbia, where he established a novel outpatient clinic, the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms. In 1994 he founded the nonprofit Center for Environmental Therapeutics, which he heads, and which offers chronotherapy guidance to consumers, patients, and doctors. In 2013, he created the Comprehensive Chronotherapy Group, which offers patients coordinated chronotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy, according to individual needs.

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Dacia Morris, MSW Parenting is complicated...and other things my son has taught me

My one good egg turned out to be one great kid. Now I’m a parent over 40, and loving it. Thanks to my son I’m more confident than I’ve ever been–about showing my scratched-up knees in public, that is. As far as parenting exceptionally well, that’s a work in progress. But with my day job in PR for a psychiatric research institute, and my master’s in Social Work, plus an amazing little sister and great friends with kids older than my little guy, I know I’ll be just fine–my son, too, for that matter. My blog will focus on the adventure, really, of parenting my son. Since I’ve never done this before, it should be pretty interesting–at least I hope you’ll think so. Initially, I wanted to write about traveling to Bulgaria, where I’d gone to visit my partner’s family before Yoan was born. Then, I thought why not share my experiences parenting a mixed-race child who is part Bulgarian and Jamaican and all American. Fate intervened, however, and it wasn’t too long after my son’s first international flight that I was asked to write a parenting blog with light therapy research as inspiration and, well, here we are.

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Carla Hellekson, MD Overnight adventures

Carla Hellekson, MD, helps people with insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, and other problems in her Bellevue, Washington, clinic. Read her blog to discover how she works with patients, or watch her on You-tube to find out how you can help yourself improve your life.

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Abigail Strubel, MA, LSCW,  CASAC Interminal Terminal Insomnia

Abigail Strubel, MA, LSCW, CASAC is a Columbia-educated clinical social worker and certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor who uses light therapy to cope with her annual seasonal affective disorder, and also manages chronic insomnia through acupressure and good sleep hygiene. She has worked with formerly homeless adults, ex-offenders on parole, recovering heroin users, and other interesting populations. Her approach to wellness is a fusion of all compatible treatments—alternative or not—that make people feel better while also objectively reducing medical problems.

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