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Do you get up in the middle of the night, and have trouble going back to sleep? Are you looking for an unusual, but useful, gift for a family member or friend? CET is proud of its solutions, which our educators and scientists often inspire, develop, or test. Our latest creation is the Smart Lamp, a high-tech fusion of science and elegance for people who tend to wake up later than they’d like, and want to change.

Free Fact Sheets

In what two key ways does your body change as you age, making it harder to get to sleep? Are you depressed, and reluctant to try medication? When will regular white light from a bulb, or your computer screen, create difficulties? Solve these, and other common problems, with the help of our free Fact Sheets.

Recommended Reading

The most powerful tool you need for chronotherapy—the sun—is free! However, to learn how to use the forces of nature to your advantage, from sunlight to negative air ions, you may want to look at the books CET finds most helpful. Our suggestions include books for the public, and books for professionals.