CET’s microdose melatonin project

Thank you for your interest in our novel preparation of microdose melatonin.

After years of lab research, we plan to introduce a formulation designed to sync the inner clock with sleep. It is not a sleeping pill. Rather, it mimics the action of natural pineal gland melatonin in the evening, hours before pineal gland activation, for people whose inner clock needs adjustment.

Unfortunately, the formulation is a work in progress, so it will likely be a while before you’ll find it in our online store. Please check back toward the end of this year.

If you do a search for melatonin on our site, you will find much relevant information for the public. Reset Your Inner Clock: The Drug-Free Way to Your Best-Ever Sleep, Mood, and Energy, Dr. Terman’s popular softcover book on circadian rhythms, also has information on melatonin, including the way it affects us our behavior, how secretion by the pineal gland changes over the lifespan, and why lower doses are more effective than higher doses for improving sleep. (Disclosure: Dr. Terman is CET’s president, and the proceeds from the book go to our non-profit.)

We also have a collection of more scholarly papers, and other sources, at X. Circadian Properties of Melatonin and Its Relationship to Sleep in our Treasury of the Literature. You may find the introduction to this section of the Treasury especially helpful.

Wishing you the best,

The Research and Development Team at CET