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Light Box: The Daylight “Classic” Plus Model

Bright light therapy is the international standard for treatment of winter depression, milder “winter doldrums,” and other chronobiological, circadian rhythm, sleep, and mood disturbances.

Smart Lamp Dawn Simulator

The Per2 Smart Lamp  wakes you up the way nature intended: naturally, with gentle illumination increasing like a sunrise.

Protective Eyewear

CET’s recommended fitover and non-fitover eyewear to block short-wavelength blue light. Enhances evening melatonin onset, circadian rhythm adjustment, and visibility in dim light. Useful also for calming “hyper” mood states and minimizing aversive visual glare and drug photosensitization of the retina.

Night Light

Designed for children and for people who routinely get out of bed at night, the bulb produces an amber-colored light (removing the blue that is responsible for melatonin suppression) to allow the person to easily go back to sleep.


Air Ionizers

High-density ionic air purifiers can affect mood by creating negative air ions – particles found in abundance by waterfalls and some other natural settings. Find out how they can improve your life, and which one CET recommends.


Microdose Melatonin

After years of lab research, we plan to introduce a novel melatonin formulation designed to sync the inner clock with sleep. It is not a sleeping pill. Rather, it mimics the action of natural pineal gland melatonin in the evening, hours before pineal gland activation, for people whose inner clock needs adjustment. Click here for an update in CET’s microdose melatonin project.

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