Protective Eyewear

Photonic Protective Eyewear

photonic_protective_eyewearOur eyewear models are designed by university optical physicists to block disruptive short-wavelength (blue) light irradiation. Used to enhance evening melatonin onset for smooth sleep onset, circadian rhythm adjustment, and heightened visibility under dim light conditions. Useful also throughout the day to calm “hyper” mood states and minimize aversive visual glare and drug photosensitization of the retina. Designed for a comfort fit, with polycarbonate lenses (the best ultraviolet filter) treated with a hard coat to help prevent scratching. The lenses and frames are purposely shaped to reduce peripheral light.

Useful in the evening, synergistically with morning light therapy, to promote earlier sleep onset and antidepressant response. Can be worn inside or outside, including working at a computer, watching television, reading, and sports. Helpful for maintaining visual acuity when you have to work under bright white light in the evening but want to avoid the adverse aftereffects of the blue component of white light when trying to get to sleep after work.


See the excellent transmission curve, with complete short-wavelength control below 530 nanometers, which extends into the ultraviolet range below 400 nanometers.


If you need to wear prescription lenses, choose either the “ANNEX A Classic Model” or the “Traditionalists” model – as both models are designed as fit over models.

We also carry a model built especially for children. If your child is under bright light or sits at a PC doing evening homework, using these glasses may help falling asleep when the assignments are (finally!) done.

Our Models

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ANNEX A Classic USD: $80
ANNEX A Classic DimensionsThey are sized to fit over the prescription glasses worn by most adults.
Traditionalists USD: $68
Traditionalists_dimensionsAll-amber polycarbonate. They are sized to fit over the prescription glasses worn by most adults.
Stylistics II USD: $80
Stylistics II DimensionsSmaller-sized, for adults with relatively smaller head sizes.

Novelists USD: $80

Novelists_dimensionsSculptured lens, non-fitover. Suggested small head sizes.


Winners USD: $80

Winners_dimensionsSingle-lensed, non-fitover.


Junior Novelists USD: $68

Junior_Novelists_dimensionsSmaller-sized, non-fitover.


Odysseys USD: $80

Odysseys_dimensionsSingle lens, non-fitover.


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