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Our volunteers are the heart of CET, and we are grateful for their talents and generosity.

CET Volunteers - professional translators

Here are three of our professional translators who are beginning the task of making environmental therapies accessible to people beyond our borders: Katya, who takes care of Russian, shown with her son; Inès, who takes care of French; and Yesica, who takes care of Spanish, smiling with her husband.

CET Volunteers

Our volunteers also include writers and editors, such as Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology Sheldon Siporin (left); integrative neurosciences major Mindy Wong; culture critic Carl Blumenthal, who struggled to learn WordPress so he could post what you are reading now (center); and Dacia Morris, an American public relations officer whose life with her Bulgarian partner, and young son, leads to the wry observations in her CET blog, Parenting is Complicated…And Other Things My Son Has Taught Me.

Please join us in donating your time and talents to our efforts to develop the art and science of circadian rhythms, perfect old treatments and pioneer new ones, educate people in different countries, and welcome the public, patients, and professionals. If you are a WordPress wonder, writer, or translator, we can especially use your help. Contact Elizabeth Saenger if you would like to participate.

We also welcome donations to fix our free self-assessments going when we have a computer glitch, expand our new website, cover the costs of comprehensive resources for clinicians, encourage researchers, and more. Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely on purchases at our store and donations to cover our costs. That means if you make a contribution, your gift is tax-deductible.

You can donate here:

You are also welcome to contact Elizabeth Saenger at to discuss contributions.

Thank you!