Automated Online Confidential Self-Assessments

A service of CET offered anonymously and free of charge.

Complete our three unique questionnaires to help you clarify:

Your diagnostic status (AutoPIDS)

Are you depressed? If so, what kind of treatment–psychotherapy, light therapy, medication, negative air ionization–might help? This self-assessment is not definitive, but it will give you helpful information you can share with your doctor or therapist.



Your circadian rhythm type (AutoMEQ)

How much of a lark or owl are you, compared with other people? When does your internal clock think you should be going to sleep? If you are taking light therapy, what would be the most effective time of day?


Your current level of depression (AutoSIGH)

Whether or not you’re under treatment for depression, it is important to track whether you improve, get worse, or stay the same. You should know your score and details about your symptom pattern, which can facilitate discussions with your doctor.

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